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Jul. 15th, 2015 02:33 pm
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AGE: 27
CONTACT: [ profile] cuddlebug
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Pellaz, Connor Angel, Steve Burnside


NAME: José Ramse
CANON: 12 Monkeys (SyFy)
AGE: ~35?
CANON POINT:Shonin,” s1 episode 11, 1987 side.

BACKGROUND: The chronological background is complicated and doesn’t include divergent timelines due to time travel, but has the basics. I’ll review and focus here on personality without major spoilers.

The end of the world began in 2016. Ramse is a survivor of the plague that caused the apocalypse and of everything that’s happened afterwards — the cults, the gangs, the scavenging, and Project Splinter, the story of which is the main plot of 12 Monkeys.

He befriended James Cole as a child before the outbreak that killed 98% of the world’s population — it turns out that they were both immune, and lived through the main outbreak and the subsequent mutations since. But life in the apocalypse isn’t easy. You have to steal and kill just to keep living, although Ramse isn’t actually the killing type and avoids it whenever possible.

Ramse doesn’t trust strangers easily and his initial impressions of people are rarely swayed. During a down point in their scavenging they join an outfit called the West VII, whose morals clash with Ramse’s. He doesn’t believe in killing other survivors and challenges the leader’s authority on this point. When the leader then orders Cole to kill him, Ramse doesn’t make any move to fight it. He never trusted or liked the gang and would rather die than live in a world where they kill for no good reason. This unmoving faith in a better world than the one they’re in changes Cole’s loyalties back, and the two escape the West VII and eventually join Project Splinter, the goal of which is to change the world back to how it was before seven million were killed by the plague. They’re going to save the world via time travel. Cole is the man in the machine and Ramse is primarily there for support, both for his friend and to protect the facility.

His companionship is key to the future half of the series. Ramse has a good humor and honorable spirit about him despite his difficult life and as Cole says, “[Ramse is] a good man in any timeline.” He does not compromise his beliefs, ever, which can be good or bad depending on the situation. Ramse himself is the kind of person who will do anything for the people he loves, but there’s a hierarchy there. If he has to betray someone he cares about for another person that matters more, he’ll do it. Most every decision he makes is based around the survival and protection of someone else.

INCENTIVE/FIT: Ramse wants his son to live. He’ll ask for the survival of his son and the world (including himself and Cole) if possible, but above all else? His son. He’ll sacrifice anything for his son and that’s all the incentive he really needs. As for fitting in he’ll be a little awkward at first, stunned by being in an actual bustling city and uncertain how to trust strangers after the life he’s come from, but will adjust quickly and should more than live up to his end of the bargain once he makes a few friends. Especially lady friends. /eyebrows


ANYTHING ELSE? He eats blondes for breakfast. (No he doesn’t.)


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